Owner's Representative

Rauch Construction has assisted owners with countless construction projects of all sizes and scopes. The use of a highly skilled Owner’s Representative, brings control to the design and development process, making sure that the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made. The Owner’s Representative will facilitate the overall coordination efforts between the design team members, ensuring that important issues receive the proper attention and resolution.

Once a project plan has been finalized and project resources secured the Owner’s Representative manages project execution. From design through project closeout, the Owner’s Representative ensures each and every element of the project meets client expectations.

During the construction phase, the Owner’s Representative will spend significant time on the project site. The Owner’s Representative must be experts at resolving conflicts and identifying issues before they become problems. When issues arise, the Owner’s Representative will evaluate realistic corrective scenarios and their possible implications and provide the owner with a clearly defined and concise options, along with a recommended course of action.

Rauch Construction focus on the overall picture, establishing priorities and coordinating activities and participants to ensure quality projects that are delivered safely, on time, and within budget.


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