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Rauch’s provides a value not currently available in the market, our scope of work is comprehensive, providing world class advisory and management services that run concurrently from the early design phase, through to vendor selection, equipment turnover, commissioning and training and if required, unbiased and impartial mediation in the event of dispute.

With methods and principles that reflect that of our architectural, engineering and contractor clients, who combine creative investigation, strong technical integration and long-range vision with conscientious adherence to a project’s goals and objectives, Rauch since 2001, has delivered over 1000 projects worldwide and we look forward to continuing to partner with our existing and new clients to deliver successful projects in the future.

Nothing demonstrates our expertise, facilitation, management, team selection and problem solving abilities more than real-world examples.

Our case studies offer you the opportunity to learn more about us and our determination to resolve issues associated with a projects challenges and illustrates how Rauch has risen to the toughest challenges, ensured business success and supported client endeavors worldwide

The need to perform operations within Confined Spaces is a truly international problem. Each year millions of dollars are spent trying to remove the need to enter these spaces by changing processes, by designing out the spaces themselves and by the use of new technologies.

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Unique building design features, a focus on worker safety while performing maintenance tasks at heights together with requirements for minimal impact on guests and tenants during these maintenance operations, cost constraints and working in a region where outside maintenance contractors continually attempt to circumvent the use of proper access equipment and safety protocols, created a truly challenging project environment.

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Fall injuries constitute a considerable financial burden: workers’ compensation and medical costs associated with occupational fall incidents have been estimated at approximately $70 billion annually in the United States. Many countries are facing the same challenges as the United States on fall injury in the workplace. The international public health community has a strong interest in developing strategies to reduce the toll of fall injuries.

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The after effects of a fall incident have enormous impact on all parties involved. Setting aside emotion, and focusing on the actual events leading up to an incident can be particularly difficult when faced with the competing interests of injured personnel or their families, companies, insurers and lawyers.

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The primary challenge was to deliver an overall comprehensive, integrated and manageable system from the varied component vendors, designers and equipment elements consisting of the suspended cableway people mover system, BMU’s, boom lifts, cranes and rope rescue, each its own dynamic system with very specific environmental and operational issues.

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