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Who We Are

Rauch Safety & Engineering is a global enterprise with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada USA that specializes in providing Advisory and Management services for Infrastructure Access, Fall Protection and Confined Space issues and challenges. Affiliates and strategic partners in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia allow Rauch Safety & Engineering to have a unique global view, presence and offering.

Trusted by Clients since 2001 and working on a referral basis only, Rauch has delivered over 1000 successful safe access projects for infrastructure interior and exterior maintenance on some of the most unique and challenging projects internationally.

The comprehensive list of projects currently underway and successfully executed by Rauch in the past covers various Industry sectors and categories including; Commercial and Hi Rise Properties, Hotel and Casino Properties, Infrastructure Bridges, Event Centres, Theme Parks, Museums, Shipyards, Shipping, Hydroelectric, Oil and Gas and special projects for Government departments. A representative list of projects executed by Rauch Safety & Engineering around the globe is provided for your reference.

Rauch Safety & Engineering is highly proficient in providing the following services to these industry sectors;

  • Structural/ Façade Access and Maintenance Units (BMU)
  • Infrastructure Designs Advisory, Management and Oversight for Safety and Access Integration
  • Auditing Evaluation of Corporate fall protection programs and confined space programs
  • Construction Administration
  • Risk Analysis
  • Standby Rescue
  • Training
  • Infrastructure Access Observation Program (IAOP™)
  • Structural/ Façade Access and Maintenance Project Retrofit

In addition to providing direct services, Rauch Safety & Engineering focuses on working with and advising our clients in the identification of strategies and solutions and the selection and management of qualified service and product providers who contract directly to the client, not to Rauch.


Our Mission is to offer public and private sector clients the expertise they require to achieve dynamic, robust, and effective safety programs for their operations through the provision of world class advisory and management services.

With a global reputation for excellence, Rauch Safety & Engineering in partnership with its global vetted strategic partners provide an unrivaled breadth and depth of safety solutions.

From project inception through completion, Rauch Safety & Engineering fosters a team environment blending global best practices, cultural awareness, valuable education in international competency and global sensitivity to provide a unique value-added proposition on which clients and project or program members can capitalize in their future endeavors.


Rauch has extensive knowledge and experience in various markets. If you need services in a different industry view our other companies.